• In the course of her residency, Cha will take advantage of the museum site to develop unique visual languages and thought-forms to communicate with the environment where the heritage building and museum events is located.

The heterogeneity of the Sheung Wan environment in the vicinity of Museum is henceforth conducive towards the shaping of her artistic practice, allowing Cha an opportunity for a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of this world city.

  • Occasionally, Cha will occasionally communicate with the medical professionals, educators, visitors and co-participants of the museum, engaging with the public and professional community. Thankful for her dialogical approach which is seen as an integral part of her artistic experimentation and holistic and community-centered.
  • The resident artist will research on the medical herbs, studying its very nature of color, forms, shapes, patterns and organic development over time. She will attempt plantation of herbs in the Museum Annex Building as an enriching experience of artistic experiment.
  • Cha will walk and feel the space around, drawing new insights from the site, the building, the herbs, the people…. Chia will sketch and paint the century-old heritage and integrate the discovery with her past studies, techniques, ideas and concepts with new inspiration.

In the culmination of her residency, Chia will contribute her solo exhibition to the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences and the exhibition will take place in the Museum in October, 2021.